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DV Research

There is no specific criminal offence of domestic violence. Instead, a definition that refers to “incidents of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse” was adopted by the Government in 2004. The Government have announced a new definition of Domestic Violence so it now includes young people under 18. Not only does the definition cover a wider…

Annika’s Diary # 10

Since my last Blog I have attended the Police Station on two occasions, both in and out of office hours. These visits involved an alleged offence of Theft and also a Charge. I had never attended the Police Station for a Charge before, so this was a new experience. The Charging procedure is very straightforward….

“Could you just come in for a chat please?”

It is becoming a more common occurrence for individuals to be asked to voluntarily attend their local police station for an interview. Despite how informal this invitation may sound it is an interview, therefore this request is likely to relate to a possible involvement in an offence and anything you may say to the police…