Guide to Legal Aid from Lewis Rodgers

A Guide to Legal Aid from Lewis Rodgers Solicitors

What is Legal Aid?

The goverment provides funding to enable everyone access to legal advise and reprentaion and a chance at a fair hearing without there being risk of social eclusion or bias.

As a legal aid specialist and having provided this service to the local community for a number of years, Lewis Rodgers Solicitors is well suited to making sure that your basic legal rightsare upheld and that a fair hearing is obtained without discrimination due to means restriction.
Do I Qualify For Legal Aid?

We can offer a free 1/2 hour consulataion wherby we can determine if public funding is available to assist you with your legal matters.  Lewis Rodgers based in Winsford and Macclesfield will provide expert, sympathetic and supportive action, and
discuss the availability of Legal Aid or other arrangements for your legal costs to be met in a manageable way.


What types of Legal Aid are  available?

We offer legal aid for all types of family law matters and our legal aid family solicitors deal with children Issues, domestic violence, divorce, finances on divorce, separation,  care cases and property disputes.

We offer legal aid for all types of criminal matters and our legal aid criminal solicitors deal with all criminal and motoring matters  in both the Magistrates and Youth Courts, at the Crown Court, and at Police stations, including arranging for representation at Court or during an interview with the Police. Our Stephen Rodgers is highly specialised and a Higher Court Advocate and can represent you also in the Crown Court and therefore throughout your entire case.


What if it is an emergency?

We offer emergency legal aid for urgent matters. Please contact us to make an urgent appointment today at our Winsford (01606 861 858 ) or Macclesfield (01625 429114) Office.


What you will recieve should you qualify?

Be assured that if you qualify for legal aid and public funding you will receieve the exact same of high class advise and representation as a privately paying client would from Lewis Rodgers Solictitors legal team.

Lewis Rodgers Solicitors will ensure that if legal aid is granted you recieve no less a service than anyone else.  Contact our Legal Aid Solicitors today for an informal discusion and to arrange to have access to our 1/2 hour free consulation period to asertain your eligibility to Legal Aid.


Can I get Legal Aid:-


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