Annika’s TC Blog # 13

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last Training Contract Blog. I have been out at Court quite a lot recently to represent clients in applications for Non Molestation Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, Residence Orders, Occupation Orders and Contact Orders.

As my attendance at court continues to increase I am having more involvement with other professionals including GPs, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists. Sometimes it is necessary to call upon other professionals to assist in resolving issues that arise in cases. The Judge will sometimes call upon these professionals to give opinions or prepare reports to assist them in reaching a decision.

Along with the various Court hearings I have been attending, I have also been in the office preparing for some contested hearings. There is a lot of work to do to prepare for these hearings including instructing counsel, preparing a brief and preparing a bundle. This can only be completed once all the directions in the previous Order made by the Judge are adhered too. These directions can include further witness statements being filed, obtaining police disclosure, obtaining medical reports and any other important pieces of evidence that may assist the Judge.

I have also been involved in public children act proceedings and represented a client at a Pre Proceedings Meeting. The aim of the Pre Proceedings Meeting is for the Local Authority and the client to reach an agreement on a proposed plan. Before the meeting a letter will be sent to the client outlining the expectations that the Local Authority have of the parent. These expectations are drawn up to address any concerns the Local Authority may have regarding the children of the family.

Here at Lewis Rodgers we are happy to attend Pre Proceedings Meetings with our clients. Legal advice during the meeting will assist the parent in being able to reach an agreement with the Local Authority that they are happy with and feel confident about. It is vital for the parent to understand the proposed plan put forward by the Local Authority.

I am sure the lead up to Christmas is going to be just as busy. Keep checking the website for the latest blogs and Training Contract updates from Nicola and Taryn!