NIcolas Diary #2

Since my last diary entry I have been just as busy. This week though I have not been out at Court at all, therefore I have been catching up with administration work in the office.

We have had some complex cases which have required us to instruct Counsel. This is a barrister. A barrister has a different qualification to a solicitor and they represent clients at Court. We are very careful when we choose a barrister for a case as we like to ensure that we get the correct one for each case. We then have to write them detailed instructions so that they know the case fully and can be prepared to represent the client. It is important that our clients are comfortable with the barrister that represents them at Court because it can be a very stressful time.

As I have been in the office I have been seeing more clients, some new and some existing clients. All new clients have a first free appointment where we are able to assess them for Legal Aid/Legal Help and also give them some initial advice. When people come to see us on a first appointment they will be treated as though they have been a client for years as we are all very friendly, but also remain professional at all times. For an appointment with any of the family team please contact the office and get help straight away.

Due to being in the office all week I have been able to spend some time going over cases and also have training off my training principle Anna Brunt. She always makes herself available when I need any help with anything and oversees everything that I do.

I have also done two ‘change of name’ deeds since my last blog. This is quite common for people to want to do, particularly after a divorce. They are quite straight forward to complete but an appointment is needed. You can come into the office with one name and leave with your new chosen name. It is that simple. If this is something that you have always wanted to do then please contact the office in order to make an appointment.

I have got a busy few weeks ahead so I look forward.