Nicola’s Diary #3

It’s been a busy few weeks in last wrote. I have been out at Court quite a lot recently, mainly on children matters.

The Court has made some final orders on some of my matters which concludes cases. This is always good for the families involved as it means that the stress of going to Court has come to an end. However just because their case has ended does not mean that they cannot contact us if there are problems following the end of the case.

As we specialise in domestic violence we have been extremely busy with new client’s. We aim to get our new urgent injunctions to Court within days of seeing them. Last week we worked late in order to speak to as many of our new client’s who require urgent orders from the Court to protect them. Unfortunately domestic violence/abuse is more common than people think. People who suffer this abuse have the right to apply for a Non-Molestation Order. This is an order to protect that person from abuse and violence. We have a specialist team that deal with this area in order for us to help people quickly and effectively. If you have suffered any form of domestic violence or abuse and want o discuss this further please make an appointment with one of our injunction team who understand how important it is for people to get protection.

I have seen some new client’s this week who have requested a divorce. Sometimes even though people are married the matrimonial property may not be in joint names. If this happens it is important to register the rights/interest of the person whose name is not on the property with the Land Registry. This ensures that the property cannot be sold without that person knowing. This is very simple to do and there is no fee from the Land Registry to do this. Unfortunately when people are getting divorced it is not always amicable, therefore it is important to protect yourself from the outset. If you have been experiencing difficulties in your marriage and are not sure which way to turn, make an appointment with one of our family team to discuss your options.

The lead up to Christmas is now on and therefore it is a busy time with lots of work to be completed so hopefully I will have lots to tell you next time.